O! Love,love go away

O! Love,love go away

Her smile may rouse a heart-desolate,cold,
Her hair may flow like a cascade,serene
But O! Love, love go away unsold
For life is brief and plenty unseen.

Her eyes may hypnotize and possess one’s soul,
Her form may awaken all passions, carnal
But O! Love,love go away whole
For your stay is brief and the pain eternal.

Yet O! Love, you forlorn impostor,
Marred my soul, corrupted my heart,
And slowly now doth my heart foster
These diabolical feelings which all anarchy start.

I see now a grave, old, hear its sobbing remains utter:-
“Here lies one whose name was writ on water.”



A Poetic Ruse

A Poetic Ruse

O! sweet angel, you epitome of beauty and grace,

Are you Aphrodite in disguise?

Or are you but Circe- come to enlace-

My forlorn heart with your beautiful eyes.

Are you a lake tranquil, serene-

Ever-flowing from the gardens of Olympus

Or are you but a sea, a murderous queen

Whose tides can all Creation crush.

I know not you, your true form concealed

I know not your intentions, how you feel,

And yet to your eyes, my heart doth yield

And yet to your form, my soul doth kneel.

Is it love? I do not know O! muse

Is it God’s will or but a tragic ruse….


An Infatuation with Pink

An Infatuation with Pink

O! How I love the colour pink,

A colour so beautiful, so close to my heart,

Ah! How it reminds me of her faery wink,

A divine addiction- Cupid’s dart.

O! How i miss those days of old,

The winds that blew, the rains that fell.

Of laughs shared and secrets told-

A piece of Heaven in this eternal Hell.

O! How i shun a broken heart,

The lingering pain, the forlorn conviction,

And yet I so love the melancholy part

So nauseatingly sweet- a romantic addiction.

O! How i mourn the colour pink-

Like the hue of blood- a desolate ink….


The Fallen One

There he was again, my old man. Sitting there, cigarette in hand, cross legged on the sofa like the alpha male he was. As always, he had a slight smile etched onto his face as he puffed out the nauseously addictive smoke from his mouth, staring into nothingness, lost in thought. Watching him, just looking at his eyes, I could feel the warmth radiate and fill my void heart and I smiled or at least I thought I did.

Suddenly, the world around me collapsed as light seeped in through dewy eyes. It was a dream. I had finally hit reality. And yet, in that moment of realization, I smiled, for I knew that He was watching over me, shielding me….

Outside, the clouds aided by their heavenly chariot, the tempest, had laid siege to the fortress of the Sun. Leaving the two warring factions to their battle, I went to get dressed.


Four walls, four windows, a figure, chalk in hand, scribbling something onto a blackboard; a classroom. Masses sitting all around me, each immersed in his own world. And yet, among the legions who sit, one overshadows all. It’s her again. A Goddess from Olympus descended, an angel with an aura divine, she eclipses all others like a swan amongst crows. I look at her, my sense dissipate, my heart skips a beat, time freezes as I lose myself in her sublime eyes. All I wish for now is to spend my life in the shadow of her, the beautiful cascade. All I wish for now is to wake up every day not the Sun, but to her angelic smile. All I wish for now is to look into her eyes and lose myself in worlds where no mortal has set dared set foot. Suddenly, it all comes back to me. I hit reality again, this time, with a sense of déjà vu. My mind takes control. I look away. “How can anyone have this effect on me?” I ask myself full of contempt. “It’s impossible!”

And yet, Fate, so full of ironies and plot twists, makes an equivocator out of me and there I sit, waiting outside class, to catch a glimpse of her. I look up towards the skies. The clouds have won. Their victory is absolute. And yet through the slightest glimpse I their grey armor, I see him, sitting, cigarette in hand smiling to himself and thinking, “Alas! What has become of my dauntless son! How he has fallen!” A storm is approaching, whether outside or in my depths, I cannot quite comprehend.