About Us :)

Its raining.  And when it rains we often pen down our feelings and thoughts in diaries. Thus penndiaries. 🙂 

Your throats hurt, eyes sting, your lips remain parted from the last scream that no one heard, would never care to hear.

Or maybe you just stand stunned as a thing of beauty passes by filling your heart with joy forever, your mind with a myriad of colors and happiness.

This page is all about its raining. Your feeling’s downpour, as we pen them down for you, for us and the world around us.

Who are we? We are a team of four writer- bloggers and a photographer. Together with our pen and lens we present you our page ‘pen n diaries’.

Our team members:

  • Our captain, our leader -TheHopelessRomantic aka Arnab Chandra. Hopelessly and eternally in love. Fall in love again as you follow his words, be it as a poem or a small glimpse into his thoughts.
  • Join TheLostRomantic aka Sayandip Sarkar as he romances nature and god. Witness him weave masterpieces as his abstractions leave you wide-eyed and lost in awe.
  • Pain. Rispledente aka Pragya Srivastava will make you feel your wounds afresh and yet leave you empowered through them. Learn with her the art of mastering your own scars.
  • Emeraldspots aka Arundhati Saha will take you through rain-drenched boulevards as she captures every moment around her. Appreciate the smallest details with her as she travels around the physical and the metaphysical realms.
  • TheVisionary aka Pronoy Chatterjee is our artist with the lens. Sometimes he too dabbles into the world of literature, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words and his pictures- they speak to you through the rain.

It has started raining! What are you waiting for? Start feeling the rain! And tell us if it makes you dance 🙂


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