To Connect

The most easiest of human traits is perhaps our power to connect with people, their emotions and feel. Yet, it is only seldom that we let ourselves do exactly that – feel.
Why is it easier for us to connect over the pains of a complete stranger; raise likes, votes and shares than connecting with the people we meet almost every single day?

I live far away from home. I am one of those who can immerse themselves into solidarity and not care about the world.

But I care because I choose to.

Our caretakers in the hostel – all of them – are mostly our age. They sit behind the food stalls early in the morning drowsy eyed and wearily late into the night to attend to our needs – us, the rich spoiled brats. If you live in a hostel, and there are people who look after you even in the most smallest way possible: thank them with a smile. A simple ‘thank you’ always lights up there face.

Just two syllables is all I ask. Try it. At first there may be some who would unhear you, some who would look up quizzically. Then, there are those who would dazzle you with a grateful smile. That one smile is always a good way to start your day.

Count the smiles you have earned not the scars you have gained and you’d find living life a tad more worthwhile.


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