Walk into the Blank

Yellow lights, white lights! They dazzle me, they are

All that I can see, as I walk unseeing the faces passing by

As I simply walk, walk lost

Lost in thoughts of you, of us, of those promises

Of those memories imaginary we shelved into our hearts

Let’s for once let go of our deceptions and talk straight

Talk through the fire, let’s face it

Let’s peel off layers of lies one by one and shake off that

Hideous smile we wear pretending everything’s alright;

Loud horns! I can hear not. Screams of anguish

Yours and mine echo inside my walls

I wish I could press the mute button and forget all

But the hollow voices keep ranting, chanting

Like a tribal song, like they know of some inevitable doom

Can’t we just speak the truth for once and not think

Of consequences and status quo?

You say things have changed, we have moved on

Oh really, then why this pretense? Be truthful!

Screeches of trouble invade my walls

Those walls I built when you left

So that no can see how the insides are so hollow

Or even glimpse the shattered pieces still breathing inside

I walk, walk into blankness and feel each wound afresh

And yet I stand strong, no regrets, I learnt from you

From us, knowledge does count right?

If only you’d be normal and talk, really talk for once

I can let go of this façade and be free

What’s this? Blood? Am I outstretched on the road?

When did that happen? Ah yes, the lights, the horn, the screech

Makes sense, makes me laugh- No mirth.

I guess we wouldn’t get to talk after all

Why, is that you standing there?

Is that real worry on your face or the regular pretense?

We never really got the chance to clear it out after all

Watch me die O Friend! Be free, no more charades

Watch me walk into the blankness, unto my liberation.


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