Imperfectly Perfect :)

Prologue :

The door opened; Eyes stared at each other; Silence spoke.

Years of memories pounding at the gates.

The glass lost its grip from his hand; A sharp noise in that hollow room.

He felt his heart beating again but they weren’t the normal lub-dubs.

He was experiencing the bliss of a panic attack! (again).

There she was, standing in that very same white-n-black dress he’d gift her on her graduation.

She came forward to hold this lifeless mannequin, this kind of a life-form who has been surviving for this long without his heart. “From today, my heart is yours !”- he once said.

They embraced each other and she smiled. It had been years since she felt his skin, his heartbeat. Tears of happiness filled the void in the room. Until after coming back to his senses, she realized it wasn’t mutual. She was reciprocated with an unwilling push, quite a harsh one which made her to stumble upon the carpet and fall down with tears still in her eyes, but happiness wasn’t the cause anymore.

“What happened to you?”-she asked with an expression wanting for unanswered answers.

“I wish I could remember anymore.”

Bam!! The door shut and along with this his world of agony, shut to the world and shut to her.

And there he went off. The sound of the V8 engine of his Pontiac 1969 Cadillac didn’t sound so powerful anymore. He even forgot to put on his glasses, the dark shades which have been clinging to him for quite a few years now. He just drove off. His vision was getting blurred. He choked. Drops of tears rolled down his eyes. Echoes of emotions started hurting his eardrums and threw him into a flashback.

He never expected to do what he did a few moments ago. But it wasn’t completely his blame to take. It takes very few significant moments to change your lifestyle. But it takes a lifetime to reverse the same. He wasn’t what he was today. He never wore dark shades. He never owned a multi-billionaire company. He never saw a villa, but now he owned one. And he definitely never wore formals.

You come to this world and with each and every minute you spend, you spend it getting slowly dependent on someone or something which directs you through your life and gives you hope. He had that someone who meant everything in his life. She was his ‘tomorrowland’. And guess she did feel the same.


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