The Crossroad

The air was heavy,
The sun was going down,
The smoke was enticing,
The birds bidding goodbye;

The road was a long one…
All my strength long gone…
With weary feet I took my first step
And thence started my journey…

A few sweat beads,
A few wrong deeds,
A few sacrifices,
And a heart longing for shelter,
I paced up until I reached the crossroad;
And then my life changed.

My life changed coz I saw her;
She was standing all alone;
A glistened face and tired eyes;
A green satchel by her side.
She was like the horizon I waited for ,
The horizon I would want to witness in my small span,
The horizon whose warmth I would like to embrace.

I went to her coz I had to,
I couldn’t miss those eyes, that smile even if fate did want to;
She smiled at me and then she blushed,
She didn’t even realize that I found my fairy dust!
The road was void of its occupants,
The sign board disfigured;
And there we stood at our crossroad,
The fate of our journey embarked.

She looked at me and her eyes said it all,
We sat right there in the middle of that world;
Then she tugged herself within me,
Leaving me helpless but to see,
See how that one moment changed my life
How that one moment enticed the vibe
How she leaned on me and held my hand,
How badly she wanted to believe that I would be her man !

A violent streak,
A dusty storm,
A turmoil of emotions,
An everlasting song…
How could I ignore this,
How could I leave behind ,
She was all I thought of,
She was all I cared for.
I looked at her and saw Us.
When the sky shall fall and the mountains rise…
We will still be in love and be wise.


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