A War worth being Defeated

What it feels like to be lost,

Lost in someone, lost in a moment;

Its like being captivated by that one thing which entices you;

Yet you find yourself, shackled to chains of something new.

You love to be enslaved ;

Her face engraved,

In your aching heart,

Yet you don’t know what hit you,

You start retrospecting from the very start.

She is the one who came & conquered you all,

Yet you kept thinking,

You are still the Nights Watch at the Wall.

Her eyes acted like wildfire,

Her smile pierced through the shields of ego,let alone the armor,

She walked in with pride ,

Thus taking what was her right.

He never felt so happy before

Knowing that he’d lost the battle of his life.

Because he knew somewhere that he was the apple & she was the knife.

He started falling into the pit

Where Love was waiting for him

Waiting to make him weak,

Shake his foundations,

Crush the last piece of his broken heart,

And thus finishing what she’d start.

He never had any last wish

Coz he knew it wasn’t his death,

Life wasn’t too patient with him,

So he decided to take her bait.

Coz beneath all these turmoils of uncertainty,

When she stepped in with shining armor,

He knew his mind and heart had already waged  a war.


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