Late Night Alchemy – Prologue


I flip through the channels listlessly, looking for something interesting.  As  per my usual luck, there is absolutely nothing even, remotely interesting that I can find. This continuous and everlasting boredom, thus propels my essentially dysfunctional brain into an extremely meaningless monologue. One, that seems to be more or less  a broken record.  Beginning with the lack of anything attention worthy to the unquestionable lack of purpose in my life.


Do I really not have anything, that is, anything at all to occupy my time other than this idiot box?  Understanding the pointlessness of posing rhetorical questions to myself I decide to focus on the more pertinent question, namely, Why?

I suppose there is plenty that I could rather be doing. Studying for one. That’s what everyone says I’m supposed to be doing at least. The one thing that’s supposed to be the most important thing in the world.  Education, my most valuable asset.  I suppose I would, if I could. But I can never really decide what I really want to learn. With an attention span as fickle as mine, I find it impossible to concentrate or even like any subject for long.  And even if I do study, the highest glory of my life would be competing in “Who can cram up and vomit the most in 3 hours?”. Really, is that what life is really about. A meaningless abbey of stupid achievements which matter to everyone but you and finally die. I suppose I need to find a purpose, something to do. Something, I will really not mind working for day and night. A passion, a purpose, something to do other than this mundane life. Considering the odds and my not-so-special-self, I fall asleep day dreaming of being part of a kick-ass group of assassins with super powers bent on killing evil off the face of Earth. 


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