Destiny Defies Us

We are at our hangout. Its still 9 a.m. and I know you are hungry. I know, I always have known. You are sitting right in front of me.  You are looking different today. Ohh, the makeup is on.  And you are in white today. Why white? You know that’s my color right there. You are just breaking ground rule number 5. We ordered our usual. The waitress smiled at us. One unusual thing of love is you can’t hide it from the crowd but the one you love.  Now you are staring at me. Come on, that’s unfair. You just shut your door on the most important rule of our truce. “No eye contact.” But you always break the rules. You love to. Your eyes have this relaxing effect on me. And that’s against the deal. You are not allowed to entice me, torture me with your “Please talk to me” looks. You are looking way more beautiful today !

Those blushy cheeks; the nail polish with your cute nail art; white; geeky glass mode on; the way you curl up your hair behind your ears and you just did it; What the hell is happening today? Even the air smelled like you. The background is dazzling than ever. I have started sweating already. It has to be another daily hallucination. You are still maintaining your staring look. And its working. You just made me fall in love again, today. But this isn’t done. Today is our judgement day and you have already flanked my defense.  My armor is down and I am naked like a flea in a wildfire. I cant do this. I am all yours…

Our food came. We ate. I got terribly successful in starting a conversation. “When are you leaving ?”

“Tonight, 2220 hours.”- she said.

We chuckled. I succeeded in inferring some data into my analysis list and some last never forgotten moments. I would never forget your smile and all those tiny little things that you do which makes you , “YOU”. I have left with less than half a day with you and we are silent.  If we were never meant to be, then what are we? Suddenly I realized she has finished and was trying to break into my mind palace by doing her “snapping fingers” trick on me.


“Lets do something new today. ”- she said.

“Like what?”

“First lets get out of here and then we will decide.”-she said .

We paid the amount which also accounted for my unfinished plate. (I hate wasting money !)

We got out. It was cold. I was looking at the sky. I felt like it was consoling me . How its gonna fall apart now when she is gone.  But I have lost the throne. I was just a “soldier boy discharged of his honor”.

I know what you said. “Destiny defies Us”. But then why don’t you listen to me. Ground rules are never meant to be broken yet you break them as if you have your right upon me. Just get it done with coz I am.

Exactly at 9:45 a.m. I felt a touch. A gentle one. It was you. You held my hand thus creating a shock wave so large over a radius, hence incinerating all those remaining rules and piercing right through my heart. All my visions were getting blur. You came close. We looked at each other. You came closer. A bit too closer. We didn’t need to speak. We knew it all.

“YES”- she said.

 And it started raining.


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