Nagpur Diaries-7

First day of being home alone, I flood the flat.

Soon it was time for Mom and my brother to leave. Since I had another month of holiday left at hand, the plan was for me to stay.

So, that day after Dad left for office and the maid left after finishing up all chores. I decided to fill up the desert cooler with water. As I waited I got lost in solitude, drifted away into thoughts meaningful and wise and otherwise. In other words I was overthinking- about every possible thing in life.

As soon as I recovered from my thoughtful state I realized that the entire hall was covered in water. I hurried to close off the tap.

Armed with a mop I faced the wet floor. Hence began another thoughtful session. The first thing that came to my mind was a facebook meme I had come upon once. It had a cartoon lying on the floor flooded with their own tears. Above them was the tagline “Overthinking got me like:”

And I had a vision of myself smirking at my predicament, waiting for my conclusion. Yes, yes lesson learnt… Overthinking would get you nowhere except perhaps flooding your own flat.

It was as if everything was conspiring to teach me this lesson. As I reached the other end of the hall my eyes fell on the calendar. It bore the portrait of Sir Charles Chaplin and his words in bold letters: “Nothing in this world is permanent, not even our troubles.”

Everyone in this world has their share of troubles. Thinking over and over about them would get you nowhere except make you even more depressed about yourself and your life.

Key techniques in meditation involve just observing what flow your thoughts take, just watching them as a third person. Observe, then forget and move on. A friend of mine gave me similar advice once, whenever you find yourself thinking about your troubles just observe your thought and move on to another thought. Possibly a more positive thought.

By now I had wiped the hall dry and it felt refreshing. So then I decided to bake cake. One more trick that helps when you feel depressed is doing something that makes you feel good about yourself. Half an hour later I was watching my cake bake. Feeling all wise and fresh. The oven looked like a Dolby theater.

I know however that those were all momentary solitary reflections, the real test comes when you are faced with trouble that test your nerves and soul at the same time again and again. When giving up seems more appealing than continuing. But I also know that if ever life brought me to a point where I feel lost I would remember this day and gather up courage. What is trouble really? Just a flooded hall.


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