Nagpur Diaries-4

What would soon become an almost daily ritual in Nagpur were the morning walks in the Seminary Hills. At 5 o’ clock sharp every other day we would wake up and head towards the Seminary Hills. The morning air is very refreshing in Nagpur. The walks also meant family bonding time, we would share different stories with each other. Laugh. Trouble over a problem someone is facing. Try to provide a solution. In today’s world where anyone hardly has time for the other person such rituals are very necessary. On top of it, it’s healthy too! We were however not the only family out. There are hundreds of people outside as early as 5:30 am, ranging from toddlers to old couples. The pathways are flanked by trees on both sides. You can hear the morning birds clearly without the interruption of any kind in the form of road traffic. Nowadays, most of my friends rather prefer to burn the night oil than getting up early. It really is easy waking up late than coaxing oneself out of the warmth of the bed early morning, But what we all miss out are the positive refreshing vibes present in the morning air and instead let ourselves wake late into the night, often later than 3 am which as one of my friend’s told me is the onset of the devil’s hour. Why do we indulge in activities we know are wrong and harmful for us? Why is it that we tend to do the easy than the right? These questions trouble my mind as I type this one page down. The main attractions of the morning walk included the fruit juice shop, where they sold juices of aloe vera, papaya, bitter gourd, gourd, carrot, beet and many more. The aloe vera was the most healthy yet it was sour. So after the initial days of trying aloe vera I shifted to the more tastier ones like papaya or carrot. And here I find my answer, we tend to do the easy ones because the path to do the right things often make us drink bitter, however healthy, juices. This is the beauty of Nagpur. Even mundane acts such as drinking fruit juice forced me to question several things about my lifestyle and lifestyle of people in general. As I reflect now, I resolve to do the right than the easy henceforth, as we all should. DSC01621


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