The Lost Love Under the Wintersun

The sky was blue and my visions bluer,

The moments were flashing like the groovy lights on a Christmas tree.

This one time you were just beside me as if my wish getting truer,

         But reality is such a fine word, I had the lock but it snatched my key.        095-The-Long-Walk-q75-500x375

It was a cold day under the wintersun ;

Being retrospective enough I felt again how it felt to be with you;

I caught glimpses of our last long walk on a Friday night until it all begun;

For one more time I saw you storming away past the gates until reality blocked my view.

I just think of us sometimes and then think again,

“Was I less than a better man for loving you? Was I wrong?  ”.

You know it’s not the music that walks down the memory lane,

It’s the lyrics of a sweet melancholy, the heart of every song.

I don’t know anymore if I live in present, leave alone my long left past;

Today when I take our long walk, I walk along with a shadow you did cast.


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