It is the continuous shriek of the alarm that wakes me up. Up, from the comfortable oblivion of sleep the much adored world of dreams. They say a new day, a new morning is a thing of hope. A new chance, a new day to enjoy the wonder that is life.  I wonder what this great wonder is, perhaps because I don’t find anything so wonderful about it anymore.

Today, is much same as any other day. Feeling half- dead I climb out of the bed to get ready. Wonder or not, I don’t have the time to contemplate, I need to get going.   The bus journey to the office is spent with my ears stuffed with earphones.  Music, a pleasure for many and an escape for others.  Soon, I am zoned out , lost someplace else. I do not even notice the man who hurriedly steps on my toes, not even getting angry. Ah bliss, this oblivion.


Saying my general his and hellos is no difficult as I enter the office lost in the thoughts of the bills that litter my table at home. I must remember to work extra this week. Tension grabs me as I find the way to my cubicle. No, I must not allow myself o think about it. Papers stack my desk. There’s so much work to be done.  Lots of number crunching, manipulating and whatnot. There’ s no time to think, to contemplate to even feel this innate dissatisfaction that is plaguing me.   Satisfaction and happiness, a sense of direction. Bah, these are for the self- help gurus and those hippies. I am lucky enough to be in possession of a job. Must remember this. This is reality not a book, where there are perfect lives and happily ever after.

Break time, finally. I fill this with meaningless chatter.  I listen to some tragic story just making the right sounds. Hey, at least my life isn’t that bad, I think. Though,  nothing feels right. Just then, my order comes.  Sweet relief. Food, that’s good. I does fill some space, I reckon . Next, I pull out the chocolate bar from my purse. There’s a small measure of satisfaction to be had here. At least it stops me from thinking.  Sweet oblivion, even though it may just be a chemically induced one.

The work continues and after another music blaring session I am finally home. I check into a television show, their seems to be so much happening, something to occupy my mind. Thinking won’treally do any good now would it? I fall asleep with the remote in my hand, saying goodbye to another day. Oblivion, indeed!! Till the alarm’s next cry.


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