Nagpur Diaries-2

The Futala Lake

On May 17th we visited Nagpur’s Futala Lake. Here I find myself at a loss of words. I would rather let the pictures do the talking…

Futala Lake-1
On one side is the serene lake, calm and quiet. On the other side it’s abuzz with people. Fast food joins and restaurants are stationed opposite to the lake.
The Futala Lake is surrounded by fast food joints and restaurants like this one.
Road adjacent to the Futala Lake
The lake at sundown is a feast for the eyes. Several ladies sit with their baskets full of ‘ber’. Other vendors also try their best to lure in customers. It’s colorful fountains create their own magic as passersby look on.
DSC01582 DSC01600DSC01595 DSC01598
If you ever do visit Nagpur, Futala Lake should absolutely not be missed. It’s as if the noise and the traffic on the road together with the silence of the lake weave an invisible cloak in the air that engulfes you and overwhelmes you from within.
A lamp post near the Futala Lake

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