Who Am I ?

I am sitting in front of my laptop and thinking … what to do with my life! Was pursuing engineering the right decision for me? Was my university the right call. Who am I? Whenever someone asks me this question, it still stirs me. I think. I think harder. At this point I even remember what was in my history syllabus in secondary school and I suck at history. I just cant answer who I am. This sometimes offends me. After so many years of nurturing, I still cant recognize myself.

But what if its meant to be?  History couldn’t have make a mark in everyone’s life if we knew how its going to be in the end. Our life is like a diary and its pages are being filled as I speak. You are not supposed to know who you are going to be tomorrow. I am not saying that we shouldn’t have ambitions. But what if tomorrow our ambitions change? Today I want to be a writer. Tomorrow I can want to be a “chef”. People change. Society can change. The world is always changing. So ambitions ought to change. At the end of the day you should always do what you like, not what society wants.  

Identity is a disguise
                   Identity is a disguise

So Who Am I? I think I am that person whom you see everyday around you. At your work; At your leisure; At your gym; At your Sunday class; At your home. I am that person who always search for  reasons to hold onto this sweet life. Everyday we make sacrifices. We keep on searching our true identity. Some do this by adding titles on their cards and many others do this by stockpiling token of appreciation in their abodes. But do we really care?  Do we really understand the meaning of life? Of having a meaningful one?  So now if I ask you “Who Are You?” …. “Can you enlighten me?”      


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