Why did you miss the class?

She’s late. Ohh my,.. she’s late again. Already 15 minutes have passed. Sir is on the 2nd page and me on my first line and she’s still not here. My pen refused to write anymore .”Today I gotta tell her”. After we all came out… I started hurrying towards my hostel when suddenly I saw her at a distance. She was sitting under a shade with a book. I went up to her and asked her panting, “What happened today? You weren’t there? “.

“No… I wasn’t there.”
“Why ? “… still trying to catch up my breath.
“Because I didn’t want to ! I am in the middle of the climax of my storybook right now. A class can wait.”

“Ohh… Ok.”

Little did she know that she was my storybook and today I missed out my climax.


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