“NO”, I said, voice filled with anger. “I never wish to speak with you again. I don’t want your daily phone calls. Make sure I don’t have to hear you voice ever again. I’m blocking your number. And you better not try to contact me ever again. Continue reading “NO”


Nagpur Diaries- 8

There are all kinds of hardships. It is not the good times but the bad times in our life that define us. Today you are here, tomorrow you can be somewhere else. Continue reading “Nagpur Diaries- 8”

Destiny Defies Us

We are at our hangout. Its still 9 a.m. and I know you are hungry. I know, I always have known. You are sitting right in front of me.  You are looking different today. Ohh, the makeup is on.  And you are in white today. Why white? You know that’s my color right there. You are just breaking ground rule number 5. We ordered our usual. The waitress smiled at us. One unusual thing of love is you can’t hide it from the crowd but the one you love.  Now you are staring at me. Come on, that’s unfair. You just shut your door on the most important rule of our truce. “No eye contact.” But you always break the rules. You love to. Your eyes have this relaxing effect on me. And that’s against the deal. You are not allowed to entice me, torture me with your “Please talk to me” looks. You are looking way more beautiful today ! Continue reading “Destiny Defies Us”

Late Night Alchemy – Prologue


I flip through the channels listlessly, looking for something interesting.  As  per my usual luck, there is absolutely nothing even, remotely interesting that I can find. This continuous and everlasting boredom, thus propels my essentially dysfunctional brain into an extremely meaningless monologue. One, that seems to be more or less  a broken record.  Beginning with the lack of anything attention worthy to the unquestionable lack of purpose in my life. Continue reading “Late Night Alchemy – Prologue”

I Guess the Gods have a Plan.

I guess the gods have a plan.

The road was narrow ,

The woods were dark.

Shackles to my soul,

I was ready to embark;

My destiny on the very first tree,

And hence there  came the fork,

Far, far away, myths were all I could see.

I guess the gods have a plan,

The road was same as usual,

Getting narrower inch by inch,

As with every step I took,

Until I saw a bench,

In that very polished dark woods.

I guess the gods have a plan,

As the bench wasn’t vacant,

I saw a face,the face describing”pleasant”.

She saw me & I saw her,

And something stirred me.

So softly,

So gracefully,

And yet sharp as a needle.

I think I had a vision of my path.

That very path imprinting my past

And carving my future.

I guess the gods indeed have a plan.

There she was sitting, doing nothing!

And here I was in a turmoil of preciously Nothing.

That one moment of Us

And I knew that fork was the last.

So here is my story,

I’m a fellow traveller finding my way through the woods.

Following my trail, in my quest of finding the holy grail.

Suddenly I see her sitting at that very bench.

And I feel this emotional trance,

As if the thirst of my destiny has been quenched.

She was my last stop and my first one too,

Hence my journey never ends,

I guess the gods indeed had a plan. 

Nagpur Diaries- 6

Everyone sat still. Even the year-old tiny tot behind my seat who was otherwise restless until now. The cool breeze aided to the chill that ran down my spine. The whole forest was quiet except the periodic panic call of a langoor hidden from our view. The guide told us that royalty was nearby. The tiger of Pench  was on the move.

Continue reading “Nagpur Diaries- 6”

Nagpur Diaries-5

Being the Ranbir Kapoor fan that I am I could not wait to see the movie Bombay Velvet. I was successful in convincing my family to go watch it in a multiplex nearby.

Suffice it to say the movie was very colourful, it captured the fashion of the post-independence Mumbai and the Jazz music perfectly. The plot was guessable. But the take away from that day was what happened before the movie even started.

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